Willie McNeil Quartet

Hey Wooley

Sono Lux

Groove & Soul  Orchestra

Big Willie's Burlesque

The New  Recessionaires

Available now: Music To Make Deals By

Mambo Loco



• Budweiser (Hip Hops Latin)

• Penguins Frozen Yogurt (Crunchy Baby)

Special Talents


• Speaks Spanish with Cuban or Mexican accent

• Plays drums, bass, piano and Latin percussion



• Inland Empire (Sideline)

• Mambo Kings (Dancer)

• No Mans Land (Sideline)

• Privileged (Sideline)



• Beverly Hills 90210 (Sideline)

• Entourage (Sideline)

• Bold & Beautiful (Sideline)

• Forty Deuce (Reality TV/Bravo)

• Jimmy Kimmel Live (Music/Dance Feature)

• The Roof (Music Feature/Interview)

• Melrose Place (Sideline)

• Nova (Music Feature) Hamburg

• Jules Holland (Music Feature) London

• Friday Nights/NBC (Music Feature)

• Funky Tomato (Music Feature) Tokyo

• Music Scene Los Angeles (Host) Tokyo

Music Videos


• The Latin Project (Musica de Amor)

• Maxwell (Ascension)

• Royal Crown Revue (Zip Gun Bop)

• Prince (Party Man)

• Placido Domingo (Guantanamera Medley)

• Neenah Cherry (Hearts)

• Joe Strummer (Trash City)

• Skate Master Tate (The Man Does Justice to the Bass)