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Sono-Lux means light and sound in Latin. This energetic formation combines salsa, funk, Cuban folkloric music and timba. The bilingual nature of the band crosses over from Cuban style salsa to American influenced soul to unite all dancers in joyful celebration.


Sono-Lux was a prominent house band at the new King King club in Hollywood.  They played there every Tuesday night for 6 ½ years and developed quite a scene. Typically, the second set opened up into the only weekly Descarga (Cuban style jam session) in LA.  Many famous musicians enjoy dropping by to sit in or sometimes just dance and listen.


Sono-Lux’s line-up can vary from nine pieces to five in order to accommodate particular requirements. They are also very versatile in their repertoire and have found their niche playing parties where the Salsa and Latin styles, but also American music are desired.


Sono-Lux was founded and is directed by drummer extraordinaire Willie McNeil.  His international experience as a professional musician at a world-class level has proven extremely valuable in the creation of this hot and dynamic combo.