Sara Lytle: Co-chairman Zoofari Five


"What can I say? Never before in my event-planning life have I ever seen guests hit the dance floor before dinner!! Amazing. Absolutely amazing. And, never have I seen a more energetic, enthusiastic, generous-with-his-talent musician than you. You two were great!!! I hope to have an opportunity to call you regarding another event soon. In the meantime, thanks billions for helping make Zoofari Five a roaring success!"

Willie McNeil Quartet

Hey Wooley

Sono Lux

Groove & Soul  Orchestra

Big Willie's Burlesque

The New  Recessionaires

Available now: Music To Make Deals By

Mambo Loco

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Hey Wooley is Willie McNeil and Jean-Paul Monsche'. They've been playing together for 18 years in Los Angeles and have also played London and Paris. They mix swing, jump blues, jazz and Latin with a sense of humor like no other.


Willie was one of the leaders of Jump With Joey and was also the leader of the critically acclaimed band The Solsonics. Originally from Kansas City, Willie is a veteran musician who has played and toured with his own acts, as well as Guru's Jazzmatazz, John Mayall, The Untouchables and Joe Strummer.


Jean-Paul is the leader of the Eurotones as well as of the Big Town Seven and has also played for a few years with the Brian Setzer Orchestra. JP worked with major acts in Paris before moving to Los Angeles 20 years ago where he became a major force in the Los Angeles music scene.


Whether it's Ellington or Louis Jordan, be-bop or Latin styles, Hey Wooley mixes it up with style. They bring live music back to its original purpose, HAVING FUN!!